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Welcome to The Learning Center at The Continuum.

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 The Carousel Learning Center at The Continuum

“There is Always One Moment in Childhood When the Door Opens and Lets the Future In.”
-Frederick Douglass

A child’s play is a child’s work.

Seesaw in the garden

Seesaw in the garden. Click on the photo to view our Carousel Photo Gallery.

It is the major ingredient of learning and the natural activity of young children.

Play develops and rewards creativity, confidence and social ability.

Intellectual, emotional and social responses developed through play provide the natural foundation for future learning.

The Carousel Learning Center at The Continuum offers a unique program that brings about a high quality learning experience for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and
school-aged children, including those with special needs.

By combining children of all levels in our program, siblings of various skill levels enjoy time together at Carousel.

Our staff of professionals is trained not only in Child Development, but also Special Education and Psychology.

Our positive and nurturing learning environment fosters a positive self-image, while teaching cooperation, responsibility and important social and communication skills.

And our warm family style environment stimulates emotional, physical and cognitive growth while celebrating diversity.

“If a Child Can’t Learn the Way We Teach, Maybe We Should Teach the Way They Learn.”

Reid in the Sandbox

Reid in the Sandbox

-Ignacio Estrada

Recreational, educational and cultural activities take place in an environment designed to promote growth and general wellbeing. 

Children at Carousel experience problem solving, creative thinking and social behavior in a positive, warm and nurturing environment, in which they feel secure.

Because each child is unique, the Carousel Staff understands the importance of treating every individual with dignity and respect. Our program and lessons are tailored to the child, so that each progresses at an appropriate individual developmental pace.

The unique relationship between Carousel and The Continuum also means that professionals in the areas of Speech Language Pathology, Physical Therapy, and Early Intervention Development are on staff to provide special assistance when required.  No need to shuttle children from one set of specialist appointments to another.

The Continuum provides these advanced treatment programs all under one roof!

Rodeo Days at our Intergenerational Adult Day Club

Rodeo Days at our Intergenerational Adult Day Club. Click on the photo to view our Carousel Photo Gallery.

“While We Try to Teach Our Children All About Life, Our Children Teach Us What Life is About.”
-Angela Schwindt

Carousel Learning Center at The Continuum offers something else truly special…Intergenerational Experience.

In an incredible partnership with our ReGenerations Adult Day Club,  both ends of the age spectrum are joined together for daily activities, providing a learning and healing process for all.

Intergenerational Coordinators develop monthly themes and activities that bring Carousel children and senior members of ReGenerations Adult Day Club together within a supervised environment.

Children and their “Grammies and Grandpas” get together twice each day to enjoy arts and crafts, cooking, exercise, story time, and even math and science activities, and, of course, music and singing. Lives are enriched when relationships transcend age.

We're going on a bug hunt with Adult Day!

We’re going on a bug hunt with Adult Day! Click here for our Carousel Photo Gallery.

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing…Click here for our Carousel Photo Gallery.

ABC Animal Hunt

ABC Animal Hunt
Click here for  our Carousel Photo Gallery.

Carousel Hours:      Monday through Friday    7am to 6pm

Full and Part Time Programs Available

Open door policy welcomes parents of our students to drop in for observation any day. Please call to schedule a tour – 829-4700.

Continuum Child Care Staff