Rehabilitation Therapies

The Continuum’s Rehabilitation Center provides skilled, quality rehabilitative care for all ages.

Licensed and experienced professional Physical, Occupational and Speech-Language Therapists employ a Total Team Approach that allows clients the opportunity to access multiple therapeutic disciplines contained within our center.

Your Therapy Begins with an Individualized Evaluation.

By assessing individual needs, Therapists at The Continuum are able to develop customized treatment programs focused on helping individuals achieve independence in all facets of their lives. Programs are managed in tandem with other therapies, physicians and family/caregivers, in support of many avenues of healing. Family conferences are often scheduled as part of each individual’s plan for progress.

Our approach to effective Rehabilitation Therapies blends expertise with creative solutions and innovative approaches to the goal of restoring confidence in capability skills and independent living.

Fear of Falling Quiz

Have you ever fallen? Most of us have taken a tumble or two. Sometimes a fall can be caused by circumstances we cannot control. But most often, falls occur when we are just doing daily routines. Take this quiz to determine how confident you are to do these activities without falling.

Lifestyle Fitness Program at The Continuum

Staying independent is everyone’s goal! This program is designed for those want to retain or improve their physical health in an on-going exercise program. Our goal is to help you have more confidence in your physical abilities by focusing on maintaining and/or improving your: Muscle Strength Balance Coordination Stamina Transfers from Chairs (sit to stand) […]

Physical Therapy

physical therapy

Physical Therapy helps restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain and limit permanent physical disabilities from injuries or disease.

Occupational Therapy

occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy helps develop, recover and maintain daily living and work skills with the goal of restoring the ability to perform meaningful activities for productive and independent living.

Speech Therapy

Speech-Language Therapy focuses on effective verbal communication with programs that enhance articulation, voice pitch, volume and quality, and fluency that can be affected by stoppages, repetitions and prolonged syllables.

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