MOD Squad Home Safety
Solutions for Mobility and Self Reliance, Vital to Independent Living

The MOD Squad is The Continuum’s Home Safety Team, specializing in home accommodation and modification services designed to reduce risk of injury while supporting independent living.

Licensed, bonded and insured, for over 20 years The MOD Squad team has helped people increase self-sufficiency. Individuals, their families and caregivers all benefit from well-planned and professionally executed home safety measures, adapted to a variety of needs ranging from children to senior adults.

One Fall Can Be a Life Changing Experience

Because the MOD Squad safety installation professionals consult regularly with therapists and staff at The Continuum, home safety solutions are specifically designed to suit the individual needs of every client. Our approach is through an individualized process, realizing that one solution does not fit every particular need. As with everything we do at The Continuum, your experience will be customized to the challenges within your home, and will be supported by a collaboration of professional therapists and knowledgeable professional installers, working toward the mutual goal of achieving enjoyable and rewarding independent living.

Home Safety Takes a Team

Whether working with professionals from The Continuum, or referrals from other therapists, health care professionals, discharge planners, social workers or physicians, the MOD Squad strives to create optimum solutions to individual needs through effective communication and understanding of individual challenges that home modifications would address.
Through our consultation process, we can assess how best to help compensate for loss of mobility or strength, presenting our recommendations before beginning any modification project.

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