ReGenerations Adult Day Club
Activities Support Mental, Emotional and Physical Well-being in an Engaging Setting

ReGenerations Adult Day Club provides a daytime program for adults 18 years and older, while offering respite for caregivers who may be working or needing an opportunity to pursue daily tasks. ReGenerations specializes in care for adults living with Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Stroke Recovery, Parkinson’s disease, M.S., and Intellectual Disabilities.

Club members are offered a variety of structured groups and activities to enhance functional capabilities and encourage independence, allowing individuals to remain part of their home, family, and community. Our cost-effective program provides a full-day of activities to support mental, emotional and physical wellbeing in a friendly, secure environment that lifts spirits and warms hearts.

The Continuum also offers on-site patient rehabilitation and wellness services to club members who may benefit. Please see Therapies page for more information.

Open Monday through Friday from 7:15am to 5:15pm.
Flexible Schedules with Full and Part Time Participation Available.

Pre-Assessment On-Site Tour Required Prior to Enrollment.
Call ReGenerations at The Continuum to Schedule a Tour 775-221-8052.

Club Members regularly participate in volunteer projects for the community. Some examples include folding brochures for mailing, donating craft proceeds to a special beneficiary, adopting a family for the holidays, filling gift baskets or making special treats for children. Our family-oriented group allows room for individual creativity and community contribution in an encouraging supportive environment.

Feels Like Family Here

We are the only intergenerational program in Northern Nevada. Our goal is to create a safe and supportive environment that focuses on intergenerational experiences. ReGenerations club members choose how they prefer to be involved in our intergenerational program, whether telling stories, helping with baking and craft projects, or merely enjoying the energy from each other sharing stories and engaging with one another.

Movement Empowers

Our program is founded upon maintaining current independence skills while promoting wellness. All club members of ReGenerations Adult Day Club are encouraged to attend a daily hour-long session of supervised group exercises that emphasize:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Range of Motion
Music Programs Engage and Uplift

Music has often been linked to health and happiness. Music engages psychological and physiological senses, and conjures up cherished memories from another time and place. It can relieve stress, lower blood pressure and manage pain. Singing can enhance verbal expression by improving articulation, rhythm and breath control.

Rhythmic movement to music can improve range of motion, joint mobility and agility while facilitating smoother, more coordinated movements.

ReGenerations Weekly Music Programs:
  • Performances by special musical guests
  • Sing-Along Sessions with piano or guitar
  • CDs selected to suit individual preferences and seasonal themes
  • Annual senior prom
  • Dances
  • Combined art and musical therapy
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